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Vincent I. Akinbode is a French-born multidisciplinary designer with a focus on art direction and branding. His philosophy remains confident that design theory is the blueprint of any good branding foundation and, more importantly, is what gives context and explanation to the world we live in. During his formative Nigerian childhood, he developed an affinity for understanding how things work. Topics under physics, world studies, and design-technology attracted his interest. Nevertheless, it was his introduction to Microsoft's Encarta Encyclopedia series that would be the most impactful. Eventually, creating an appreciation for both multi-media and visual artistic expression that allows intricate concepts to be understood fully while also immersing a foreign audience in its story.


From a home holding academic backgrounds in the respective fields of architecture, engineering, and multi-cultural tourism, observation and design planning came to be innate. In 2019, he would begin a meticulous study of advertising at OCAD University in the heart of downtown Toronto. Informed by this recognition of graphic and product design, alongside experimentation with cracked Adobe Creative Cloud software, he began to find a purpose in brand development and, more appropriately, communicative visual storytelling in all of its forms.

By 2020, a freelance design reputation in the space of fashion led him to cardinal commissioned roles in the founding of diasporic brands around the world. Essentially, the kids who grew up similar to him, leaving their hometowns behind to create and discover worlds of their own. Working with open-ended briefs, his work would touch on logos, graphic design, mockups, editorials and re-touching for product launches, These collaborations led to the beginnings of brands such as Home Delivery, Roman God, Trïbe and the lifestyle Above Average brand sported here by Afro-beats artist and African cultural icon David O.

In a culture that thrives upon it, leaning towards intersection has proven its benefits. By using design to bridge multiple worlds together, he soon began exploring the confines of music as a form of expression that relates synonymously with artwork. Through the building of relationships with musical artists across the world, he has been involved in projects relating to packaging, rollouts, merchandise, marketing, and artist development.  

By using collaborative research, studio resources, and creative consultation, his goal is to confidently continue providing both new and existing clientele with quality design standard services, including planning, designing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing for various industries, in order to create unique visual identities and develop successful, cohesive brands from the ground up, no matter what industry in the world.

"30 Ideas A Day... enough to create a world of our own."'
- Vincent I. Akinbode

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