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Equitable Bank

The world revolves around engineering, from the buildings we walk in and out of, the trains we use to get from work to home and even the fancy streetlights. But these things don't just fall into place. Diligent and resourceful thinkers of tomorrow pick up a pencil and draw blueprints out. With the help of EQ Bank, students in Architecture and Engineering programs will be granted unique opportunities.

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You've heard of the saying 'You are what you eat', ultimately this is true and with a rise in consciousness about wellbeing and health through SWOT analysis, Larabar has a unique opportunity to position its products under a wellness category. Merging this with other platforms such as Spotify, where people use music as daily meditation tools, we remind others that the right nutrition is just as important.

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Frank's Hot Sauce

What goes best with a steamy order of wings? Let our earliest ancestors take you on humanity's most important discovery.  Frank's Red Hot sauce provides a fiery sensation that adds a hot and flavourful kick to all drums and flats! Capturing the monumental discovery of fire with imagery accompanied with wordplay, Frank's invites you to share the burning sensation we all love.